Friday, September 11, 2009

Sympathy Card and Tilda/Pansy practice

Shoot, I uploaded these in the wrong order. Anyway, here are my practice Tildas and Pansies. Getting better!!

This is the sympathy card for my uncle's funeral. I went with the same sketch I just used with the Tilda's. I spent most of my hours, yes, I said hours, working on coloring. I had a few pansy's that weren't card worthy. I also practiced coloring Tilda's today.
I am too tired to say more so thanks for looking and hey, don't forget to leave a comment.


  1. Karen, I know what ya mean about hours!! The pansy card looks beautiful! And your Tilda's are getting better all the time! Great skin she has, must be the Mary Kay!

  2. Oh, thost pansy's are so pretty. You are gettin good with these, girl! Beautiful. And love the family pics too...sweet, sweet!