Monday, September 17, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake

Tomorrow is my youngest son's 5th birthday.  He decided he wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  I borrowed the pan from my co-worker/friend and made the cake on Saturday.  Sunday evening I made the cake and it took me about 2.5 hours.  I have finally gotten smart and bought more than one tip of the same size so I don't have to keep washing out the tips and couplers when going from one color to the next.
I have told my youngest and the other two boys for that matter, that they are not allowed to keep growing up.  Do they listen??  NO!  My middle child has grown so much this summer that his jeans look like high waters.  Don't they understand that Moms need to hold on to their babies??

 Here's the cake after it has cooled.  This pan had good definition which makes it easier to find where I need to be when decorating.

 The background icing.  I have such a hard time icing the corners or bumps.  I can't get enough icing there and when I go to smooth it out I wind up taking most of the icing off.

 All of the outlines are now piped in.

 Ohh, it is starting to take shape!!

 Getting close!!

 Ta Da!  I did it!  Youngest son was not so happy that Thomas's face was so dark.  I didn't realize how little black coloring I needed to make the gray.  I kept adding more frosting to try and make it lighter.  It got to a point where I was just wasting the frosting so I went with what I had.

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!!