Sunday, August 11, 2013

My last days at CWC

 As many of you know I accepted a new job.  My last day at work at CWC is Tuesday.  Here's a picture of me at my desk taken with my ipod.

 To show you how important my dork sisters are to me I took this picture of the BB behind my desk filled with my favorite cards received from my dork sisters.

This is the inside of my door.  I keep my door open so the big bear helps people see from WAY down the hall if I am in or not.  Otherwise, the door blends into the wall behind it and one  can not tell if my door is open or not.  The snowman was made by DS#2, the folded paper above it is something DS#3 wrote/drew and the "40's" are a poster co-workers made to decorate my room on my birthday this year.