Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A date with my hubby

We went for a week long vacation in Eagle River, Wisconsin last week.  On one of the afternoons I went shopping down the strip by myself.  I started off going into an antique store... voluntarily!  You may not know this about me, but I really dislike history.  I hated history in school and somehow managed to eke by to get the grades.  Well, lately I have been intrigued by the Edwardian Era (early 1900's) and want to make/assemble a costume from that time period.  See, I bought an antique sock knitting machine back in January.  It's dated 1908.  This darn machine has really pulled me into the era and I have been reading about the era on the internet and getting an idea of the fashion of the time.  The reason why I am interested in the Edwardian era fashion is that in conjunction with the historical society I will, at some point in the future, give a demonstration of my sock machine.  What better way to do it than in period attire!  Back to the present. I found this hat at the antique store.  It was priced at $22.00.  I asked if she could give me a better price and she said $18.00.  I said, "sold!"  I realize that this hat is most likely not of the right time period, but I think it could pass for what I need it for.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the flowers on top.  The flowers are faded pink and rather quite pretty.

 So, once I had the hat I had to wear it!  I suggested to hubby that we go out to dinner at the local supper club.  He readily agreed.  I found a babysitter and worked on putting my attire together.

Now, here's the second story.  I also love to shop at second hand stores.  Saver's is my favorite.  I particularly like to buy skirts and dresses.  Usually these items have very little wear as compared to say, T-shirts.

 I found this dress at Saver's. Surprise! It still had the original tags on it.  The label is Apt. 9 so I think that is Kohl's.  It was priced at $134.00.  The original store marked it down to $99.99.  Saver's priced it at $29.99.  I tried it on and wow, it fit perfectly!  I opened my stall door and asked the next lady if she thought it looked good and if it was worth $30.00.  She said, "yes!" and proceeded to hand me an extra coupon she had for 20% off.  I paid around $25.00 for the dress !  Woo Hoo! Way to go, Karen!

 The dress has been hanging on the back of my bedroom door just waiting to be worn.  I had no particular event in mind when I bought it.

Once I bought the hat I knew which dress I was going to wear with it! I also knew that hubby needed to take me out on a date (:

 I brought the hat to work to show Foster Grandma Virginia who is 78 years old.  She loved it!  She also told me that she has an antique hat pin she's been wanting to get rid of because she keeps poking her fingers when digging around in her jewelry box.  She offered to give it to me.  Wow!

 She brought the hat pin to work today and I tried it with the hat.  Yikes! It's sharp!  I yelped and she laughed saying, "I remember those days!"

 Next is the hair.  I still own a hairdini (remember those?) and the directions.  I whipped it out and practiced putting my hair into a french twist.  I then styled my hair this morning as you see it here with the french twist.  I did have my bangs down for the day and pulled them back to put on the hat.

 I am unsure if I am wearing real pearls or not.  I have real and fake, but I sure can't tell them apart.  No matter to me, the pearls added a nice touch.

 Last night I redid my finger and toe nails because I can't wear peep-toe shoes and have a bad pedicure. Not after all this work anyway!

All of this because of a HAT!

 I did want to wear black gloves.  I had the right glove, but no left one.  White gloves just didn't go with the rest of the ensemble.

 Alright, I am no model, I can't take a decent picture to save my life and I have gotten a little soft in the middle.  Despite all that, I SO enjoyed getting all dolled up.  I really think I was born in the wrong decade (or era).

 I love this picture (above) even though it was taken between poses.  I just like being able to see the top of the hat.

 Again, I can't model, but they are cute and funny pictures anyway, right?

My darling husband.  No other person could "get me", wait cross that out, could put up with me the way he does.  Love you, Sweetie!

EWWWW, Get a room!

Again, this was a between the poses shots that hubby snapped of me.

Thank you to 5th Street Photography for taking the first 9 photos.  Here's a link to their site: