Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some day is here

One of my first long lasting hobbies was basket weaving. Oh, I loved it so much! I did my best to weave even after I started popping out my babies. After the second child, about 4 years ago, I realized that it was too difficult to weave. Basket weaving is one of those crafts that you can't stop and start. There are certain parts of the process that once started can not be stopped. I couldn't afford the time to do this anymore. So, I put away my tools and shelved my reed knowing that some day I would weave again.

Today was that some day.

As most of you know I won the August Guest Designer spot for Clear Dollar Stamps. This generated some guests to this blog. One person in particular, Gail, looked through my blog and noticed my baskets way, way in the back. She inquired if I sell them (I do) and proceeded to order one. I was so excited. I had a reason, a purpose to weave again. I found out that the supplier I use still is in business and still had me on file after all of these years.
I ordered my supplies and cut my reeds. Tonight I started weaving and here's a pictorial diary of the process. Enjoy!

The first step was to put in all of the spokes (the vertical reed) in the groove of the base.

Here I anchored the spokes with #2 round reed using a chase weave.

This is the first three weavers (horizontal reeds) in place. Once the third row is in place the basket will hold its shape.

A few more rows woven in and a look at my work space (translation: the kitchen counter)


  1. Great deal on the basket order, and how cool to see the pictorial!

  2. Very fun, I can't wait to see the finished tutorial. Love the heart handle.

  3. That is fun to see how you do it! Keep taking pics as you go so we can see the rest of the steps. I'm such a visual learner!

  4. That looks way too complicated for me, but very interesting! So glad you got to do something that you truly love.

    "popping' out babies, huh? "Popping?" Hmmm, sounds easy, you might need another one! :)