Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day with Peggysue

These pictures are out of order. This one is supposed to be last. At this point we had fondled the yarn and made our purchases. It was time to sit, relax, knit and repeat!
We met in Janesville, Wisconsin at this cute little yarn shop called Dragonfly yarn shop. You can see the shop here

Here I am trying to decide which yarn I wanted to buy and putting the ones I didn't buy on my wish list.

Peggysue was MUCH faster at choosing a yarn than I was. Here she is in the background while her yarn is being made into a ball. Fancy, expensive yarns come in hanks not balls. Then you have to ball it. If you buy hanks from a LYS (Local yarn shop) they will wind it for free. The shop owner is winding the yarn.

Here I am cuddling the 100% silk yarn. I fell in love with this yarn. I kept going back to it, feeling it and wanting it. I didn't buy it though. Maybe some day when Peggysue wins the lottery. (She told me she'd buy some for me when she buys the lottery. I sure hope she plays the lottery!)

We just walked into the shop. Here PS is looking at the fiber content of the mittens.


  1. This was a great day! The yarn shop was just the cutest and they had the softest, squishiest yarn. I do not buy lottery tickets, so if I do happen to win it will be a true miracle and I'll buy Karen five hanks of silk yarn! :) We had a lot of fun and I have a pair of socks underway. Thanks for posting the pictures, they came out really well!

  2. You girls are too funny, I enjoy looking at these and seeing your expressions!! I wonder what we would look like fondling paper in the local stamp store...probably not the same!!
    Thanks for sharing these Karen, you two are cute as can be!!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I had no ideas yarn came in hanks. You learn something new every day! Can't wait to see what you gals make with your warm fuzzies!

  4. I am so jealous! yarn fondling may not be my thing, but spending the day together... yeah!
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. Looks like a nice frolic in the yarn shop!

  6. My daughter is the best in the world. I couldn't ask for anything more.

  7. You guys crack me up!! Looks and sounds like way too much fun to me. Glad you got together!!