Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finishing the basket

Here the false rim is woven in. The false rim is the two rows of round reed which will be covered by the real rim. This allows the rim to sit on something and not be floating in the air.

The spokes that have a weaver in front of it (as you look at it) are cut flush. The ones with a weaver to the outside are trimmed, pointed and tucked to the inside of the basket.

Bad photo. You can see all of the weavers are now tucked to the inside and the false rim is ready to be placed.

The rim is secured with zip ties. As I lash the basket I will cut out the zip ties.

Lashing the basket together.

The weaving is all done and the ends are all tucked.

Here's the basket in the staining the process. I like to use Danish Oil. My favorite color is Fruitwood.

The basket is all done!! It is now drying and airing out. This stain is quite stinky and will give headaches if not in a well ventilated area. I will wait to ship it.


  1. Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous! You have such a talent. That's better than Longenberger, and made with more love I'm sure!

  2. Thanks for showing us the process, it is interesting, but you make it look pretty easy! I'm glad you're back to one of your favorite crafts. I'm sure the gal will love her basket!

  3. Phew! I was afraid you finished without the rest of the tutorial! I LOVE seeing the process! The most I've ever woven is a potholder. LOL! I was not getting the false rim thing, but when I saw the picture I totally understood. Cool stuff. i'm sure the customer will love it! It's gorgeous!

    Oh, is the wood part in the middle part of the basket, or does it just give it stability while you are making it? It's very pretty.

  4. Lori, the wood insert is part of the basket. The basket is a desk organizer so the wood you see is the dividers.

  5. I am the lucky lady that purchased the basket!!! I am thrilled!! And I can't to get it! It is beautiful! Thank you so much Karen, you are super talented! Smiles! Gail

  6. What a beautiful basket!! And fun to see your process.

  7. Wow, Karen this is a beautiful basket! A very interesting process too. Thanks for sharing!