Thursday, February 7, 2013

Queen Size Quilt for Mom and Dad

This is the queen size quilt I made for my parents' 47th wedding anniversary.  It started off as such an easy and small project.  I realized I got over my head quite quickly as it grew.  I have a very small sewing machine pictured here

It is a step up from a toy sewing machine.  But here's the thing.  It suits my needs.  I don't plan to get into sewing, goodness!  everyone knows I have too many hobbies as it is (: So, this is it.  It can go forward and backward and has 8 stitches.  What else do I need?  Well, a light would be nice and that little cutting blade at the back to cut the threads would be too. 
I had a hard time keeping the little machine (it weighs only 5 pounds) on the table once the blanket was massive enough.  Obiviously I wouldn't be able to do the quilting on this machine and I do not like the look of tie quilts so I bit the bullet and had it professionally quilted.  I think that was the right choice.
Here's the backside:

Not too bad for my first real quilt!


  1. Karen, this is so beautiful and what a keepsake treasure for your parents!! Abominable spirit with your mini machine, too!!