Monday, February 11, 2013

Quote from my boys

-"When Sophie dies where are we going to plant her?" February 2013, age 5
 (last march we "planted" our last bird under one of our pine trees)

-Mom to DS3, "How was I so lucky to get you as my son?"
DS3,"From your belly....button!" February 11, 2013, age 5

From DS1 and 2, 2007, while I was PG with DS3:
DS1 is crying in his bed, Mom comes to him and asks him what's wrong.  He states he doesn't know how the baby will come out.  DS2 pipes up, "duh, through Mom's belly button!"

DS2 when learning about different genders:  Mom is at the computer, DS2 comes bounding up to her and says, "I have a penis"
Mom: "yes"
DS2: "Dad has a penis"
Mom: "yes"
DS2: "Isaac has a penis"
Mom: "yes"
DS2:"But you don't have a penis"
Mom: "No, I have a vagina"
DS2:"Okay" and leaves.

If and when I think of more I will post them.

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