Monday, October 8, 2012

Lumberjill Karen

We heat part of our house with a wood stove.  That means throughout the year we need to get some trees and split them.  Hubby has done all of the chopping....up until this year.  Last year he taught me how to chop wood and I've been a busy beaver ever since!  Here's a picture of two trees that were already felled that he got a forest products permit.

This is a picture of my maal leaning against a section I chopped in half.  This wood is oak which should be really hard to split.  It had been down for about a year so it was super dry which made it feel like pine.

I started stacking the wood in front of the compost pile.  I soon moved it when I realized I wouldn't be able to stack it very high.

 Here's the pile after I had been chopping for awhile.  A little progress was made!

 The small pile back by the long logs is the stack that son #2 chopped.

 Here's son #1's pile.

Above and below:  This is what I accomplished on this day.

And this is what I have chopped so far in 2012! Pretty impressive, eh?

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