Saturday, January 29, 2011

My parent's 45th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and I surprised my parents tonight by showing up at their house and taking them out for a formal dinner. Next Saturday is their 45th wedding anniversary!! This about plan D in trying to surprise my folks for their anniversary. First I was trying to have a small party with both my brothers. My brother's however had conflicts and we couldn't find a date on the calendar that would work. Then I was going to host a party at a local state park but again, I couldn't find a date that worked with everyone. So I was back to square one. We decided to take them out for dinner. I left my Aunt in charge of stalling my parents and keeping them to their house. The neighbors watched the kids, I got my hair done (see below!) and bought a corsage. I polished up the tiara I wore for my wedding and my jewelry. I had mom wear the tiara and I wore my jewelry.
They were definitely surprised to see us! My surprise worked!
Mom, Auntie and I went through all of her gowns and picked a purple velvet form fitting dress.
Enjoy the pictures below!

My hair do.

Ohhh, such pretty hair!

Here we are at the restaurant.

Oops, an x-rated one!


  1. That is just so fun. Love that you guys go all out for your special days. You all look stunning, and handsome!

  2. Ohhh what a GREAT surprise for your folks!!! This just makes me smile all over. You all look so gorgeous or handsome (depending on girls or guys). Thanks for sharing pictures from your special date!

  3. So sweet and what beautiful fine young men and women! What an encouragement for us all to see your parents married for 45 years! That's just awesome! You all look stunning!

  4. How sweet. I'll bet your parents were thrilled!

  5. What a wonderful surprise for them! You all look GORGEOUS!!!