Friday, August 6, 2010

Cross Stitch Eagle

In December of 1999 I started this cross stitch. I know the exact date because I wrote it on the masking tape that borders the fabric. I got tired of it and put it away until about 2 months ago. I picked it up again and felt overwhelmed with the detail and where to start. I finally took the plunge and started going at it again. When I started again I had the whole top half done (see where the break is on the left side and continue that across as well as a bit under that on the right. I have made good progress since I started this again. I included the photo on the cover of that pattern so you can see what it will be when it is finished. I didn't realize how cool it looked until I saw this picture of my progress. Up until now I have only seen it as I have been working on it. By the way, it's kind of eerie having the eye looking at me so intently as I am cross stitching the darn thing. The detail of this cross stitch is unbelievable. The color changes on it are maddening. I counted and there are 60 colors in this cross stitch! Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at it!


  1. Wow, Karen, that looks like one very intricate design.
    I love cross-stitch, but could not handle that with my eyes. I wonder if those magnifying glasses for the head work on something like this...
    You never cease to wow me with your creative endeavors!!

  2. Hi Karen, The eagle looks great! I do a lot of cross stitch to and can see from the work done so far that the design is complex. I know what you mean about colour changes. They can be a real pain, especially if they are very similar. A magnifying glass and good lighting will help. It will be worth the effort to finish though - its going to be fantastic. I'd love to see a picture when its done :)

  3. Karen, what a wonderful job you are doing on this project. Counted cross stitching reminds me of doing a painting as the design reveals itself as you go along. Counted cross stitch on a dark background must be hard to do but the effect is beautiful!