Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dad's Sweater

Remember my trials of getting through my Dad's sweater? Well, here it is right after he opened it. He is holding the shirt I bought to go with it.

Dad and Mom didn't realize I made it until I told them. Mom started crying. It fits him great! Especially since I didn't have him try it on as I made it.


  1. I am sure your Mom did cry...what a labor of love and he looks really great in that color!!
    I am so proud of you, Karen!!

  2. Wow, Karen! That is just amazing! I can tell it's a perfect fit. I know your folks are so proud of you.

  3. That is a great sweater!!! I am so glad it fits him so well and that he liked it so much. No wonder!

  4. Awesome sweater,Karen. I am certain that is one very special gift for your day and a very special memory for your Mom.

    And for you too!


  5. Wow, fabulous sweater; I love the color and how great your dad looks in it. It just amazes me how you find the time to do all this.