Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Fresh New Look

Here's our new painted walls and new carpet. I have to say I am disappointed that the wall color doesn't look as good here as it does in real life. The carpet too looks more mustardy here than IRL. DH didn't get the carpet finished. It still needs to be stretched and the baseboards need to be added. We put the couch and TV back in the room for the night so we could hang out for the evening. You can see the wood stove in the far back right and the spot on the couch nearest the stove is my seat. You can see my Mac computer there. That's where I do most of my computer work. My eldest child got wacked in the head by the middle child opening the front door in his face that is why he lying on the couch with ice on his face. Littlest child is on the floor watching "The Jungle Book" (Karen breaks out into song)

"Hup two three four
Dress it up two three four Hup two three four 
Dress it up two three four

Oh, we march from here to there And it doesn't matter where You can hear us push Through the deepest bush With a military air! With a military air!  We're a cracker jack brigade On a pachyderm parade But we'd rather stroll to a water hole For a furlough in the shade! For a furlough in the shade!"

Did I get the song in your head??  Tehehe!