Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alpaca Blend socks

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Back in August I met a dork sister in Janesville, Wisconsin at a yarn shop (see side bar for link to yarn shop). I bought this luscious yarn but had to wait to work it up. I had too many projects ahead of it. My project list had dwindled some and I couldn't stand not using this yarn. I have a sock, from another skein, that still needs to be made, yet somehow I am on the foot of this one! This yarn is called Misti Alpaca and it is an alpaca, merino, nylon and silk blend. Here I am modeling it while it is still on the needles. I took the picture myself and that was a bit tricky!
You can see the unused skein in a nylon next to it. That keeps the skein together as the ball becomes smaller and loses it's ability to hold its shape.

Here's the sock off my foot.


  1. Oh, that is so pretty, I love socks, and that yarn is gorgeous. I wonder if it is slippery on wood floors though? Will look for your finished project later on, Karen.
    Nice arch too! :)

  2. Karen, beautiful yarn! Love the colors and it looks like it will be really warm.
    great modeling too!

  3. Those sure are pretty, that yarn is working up well. Great talent at taking photos too, I don't think I could get a shot of my own foot! And my ribbing on top of my current pair is just K1 P1, I think perhaps of the color of the yarn it looks like it stands out more. Nice socks!

  4. Wow, girl if you ever need a side job foot modeling is for you!

    Great job! Did you know Grace Kelly knitted socks for Clark Gable. It was one of her passions.

  5. Great sock! And you'd make a great foot model!