Friday, May 6, 2011

White Caps Fingerless Gloves

4-28-11 I bought this yarn off of Ravelry, a knitter's social site. I absolutely love this yarn and I was glad i could help some one de-stash and get a deal at the same time!

Darn. I read (or rather just didn’t read) the directions correctly. Emailed the designer and she set me straight. I was only increasing the thumb gusset on the back of the hand and not doing the increases on the other side. Bummer. Ripped back and did it right.

4-31-11 Finished the first glove. I am not happy about how far the center panel pulls towards the thumb. I have large hands and didn’t consider this when following along the pattern.

5-1-11 Casted on the second glove. Wow! no Second sock syndrome this time! I moved the thumb gusset over by about 6 stitches and that was just the perfect amount. I also put in a life line before the start of the gusset incase I needed to change again where the gusset was going to go.

5-4-11 Outside knitting with my neighbor. Youngest son, age 3, is being a pill! Goofed up the cables (look closely you can see on the left glove where the cable went the wrong way) because I was distracted with his behaviors. I left it as a “I meant it that way” accent to the glove.

5-6-11 Finished it in the car on the way to Pizza Hut! I sewed in the ends on the way home!


  1. Oooo, these are really nice. Guess you would have to be a knitter to notice any differences. These look awesome to me.

  2. Super cute! We've been talking about gloves & fingerless gloves b/c of the big wedding. You know, the BIG wedding. Yes, MIL's! LOL! Actually b/c of the royal wedding AND MIL's. These are just darling. I have super long fingers, so I can understand how making gloves to fit large hands would be a challenge.

  3. I have a complaint !You are hiding your sweet smile and pretty face, not good! The gloves . . . good! They turned out very nice, but no more hiding!

  4. I think that is a cute pose for these gloves, Karen...and your gloves look great to me...nice color and uniform stitching and cute, too!